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Tailor's bunion

Tailors_bunion_pre_and_postTailor's bunion deformity is very similar to the bunion deformity (hallux valgus) of the big toe joint but of the little toe joint.

It is less common but can still be very painful.

In effect the 5th metatarsal (long bone to the little toe) protrudes, making the foot wider (splaying) and the little toe joint becomes inflamed when being rubbed in footwear. It can be managed by wearing sensible wider footwear to prevent the rubbing.

Tailors_bunion_pre_and_post_x-raysSurgery to a tailors bunion is more straight forward than bunion surgery. An incision is made to the outside of the foot over the little toe joint. The 5th metatarsal (the long bone to the fifth toe) is cut and realigned into its correct position. This reduces the splaying and the foot appears narrower. If there is a lump on the joint this will be shaved off.










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